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Fruit Purées

Enhance your creations with Bierfrucht fruit purées. Made from the best ripest fruits; our purées offer a natural and intense flavor perfect for adding a tasty
touch to any sauce. Free from artificial additives and preservatives, Bierfrucht purées always provide a pure and delicious taste.

Our popular fruit purées

Pink Guava Fruit Purée
40 Lb bag in box

Mango Fruit Purée
44 Lb bag in box

Lemon Fruit Purée
44 Lb bag in box

Pineapple Fruit Purée
44 Lb bag in box

Strawberry Fruit Purée
44 Lb bag in box

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are right for you?

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Attention sauciers! Our fruit purées are perfect for adding a unique twist to spicy, salty, and sweet sauces,
our pasteurized, aseptically packaged purées ensure consistent, high-quality flavor in every recipe.

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