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The Perfect Combination for Your Beers!

Want to know what’s the perfect combination for your beers? We’ll give you a clue: it is juicy, bright and it just has the right amount of tartness. Did you guess what it is? Not yet? Well, no worries, we were talking about our juicy Strawberry Fruit Purée! Enjoy the sensation of summer with a nice cold Strawberry Sour Beer.

This strawberry purée is made from 100% fruit that has been picked at the peak of freshness! It has truly been a game-changer finding the right taste for your beers. It has the right amount of tartness, yet sweetness to give your beers a boost! It is the perfect choice for those HOT summer days! 

It goes without saying, that there are so many activities that are better enjoyed with a beer. But which beer do you choose when you are by the beach? Or what about washing down the food you just cooked? The decision is entirely situational and rests assured, that the beer YOU make will be perfect for any occasion!



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