Lager beer VS amber Which one do you prefer?

Lager beer VS amber Which one do you prefer?

The difference between dark beers and light beers is the type of malt used. Nothing more and nothing less. The malt in the clear beers has not been roasted, hence its light color. Instead, the malt in a dark beer has been roasted. Depending on the toast, the beer may be more or less dark.

How its flavors differ
Clear beers usually contain little or no hops (aromatic additive). They are usually light, refreshing, and bitter at very low levels. Its alcoholic graduation is not very high. The dark one, being a lager-type beer, shares its light and refreshing flavor with the clear ones. Also, they are not usually very bitter, and their alcohol content is usually low.
However, amber beers have light notes of toast and/or caramel.
So tell us which one you prefer. Here at Bierfrucht, we love both with a hint of fruit taste.

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