The Citrus-Lime Effect

The Citrus-Lime Effect

Why make a beer with aromas and lime flavor?

Adding a dash of lime to your beer was a thing for a while – in the trendy bars. It was one of the few ways, back then, to add a bit of flavor to your beer. Or if you were a bit grown-up and had the extra cash, you could always order a bottle with a wedge of lime stuffed into the neck. This hasn’t changed at all, the flavor of the lime with beer has been something that has lasted over time and is still a must in many parties.

Today, many beer brands from Europe to the USA, have brought to the spotlight their versions of refreshing beers with that lime flavor, filling the shelves of markets. A flavor that combines very well with the freshness of spring or the intense heat of summer. Just search the web and you will find commercial brands like Corona, Bud, Belly Dance or Blue, which have decided, just like the lime, to stay through time with their lime-flavored versions. However, on the craft beer scene, citrus flavors are not just lime but an explosion of tangerine, orange and lime all together in a cold IPA and complementing those fruity hops. 

So, our suggestion this month is that you give this delicious fruit a chance and make your lime based-flavored creation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bitter or sweet beer, we assure you that it is quite flexible to combine with everything. AFP has the best puree on the market and wants to make sure that you surprise your customers in these upcoming seasons. 


The ideal beer to combine with citrus flavors is India Pale Ale (IPA) and Pale Ale. The bitterness of these malts combines with the citrus sweetness of fruits such as lime, lemon, orange, and tangerine.

The Red Berries

In countries like France and Belgium, it is common to produce beers with this type of fruit during the summer. Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry are the most commonly used to add sweetness to malt. They tend to have a low alcohol content (5-5.5%), such as the British Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry.

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