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Juicing: Tips for Making Your Fruit Drinks

An increasing number of people choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle by prioritizing beverages with natural ingredients over carbonated ones. Consequently, juicing is setting a trend in the beverage market.

Commercial fruit juices have become highly sought-after within the daily menu of American and Canadian consumers. They offer a convenient way to incorporate more fruit into everyday diets without spending time in the kitchen.

Non-alcoholic beverages, especially fruit juices, have been adapting to public demand. As a result, the industry strives to produce juices without added sugar and use organically sourced fruits.

Juicing: Tips to Perfect Your Creations

How do we create fresh and nutrient-rich elixirs to tap into the North American food market? These tips will help you perfect the production of your goods:

Using High-Quality Fruit Purees

Bierfrucht's fruit purees are made with 100% fruit pulp, cultivated under the highest quality standards. They serve as your ideal ingredient for making nutritious and delicious juices.

It is also crucial to use organic fruit that is suitable for industrial processing. By using the right fruit varieties, you won't need to add sugar to your beverages. Additionally, you'll achieve the perfect balance of color, aroma, and flavor.

Juicing: Avoiding Artificial Additives

With the extraction of fruit and vegetable juices, people aim to nourish themselves more healthily. However, adding preservatives, colorings, and artificial flavorings undermines this goal.

That's why it's crucial to use hermetically sealed fruit purees, such as those from Bierfrucht. These packaging methods preserve the fruit in its original conditions, avoiding the need for additives to extend its shelf life. You can also incorporate natural spices like pepper or ginger to enhance preservation.

Providing Extra Benefits

Juicing presents a significant opportunity to create beverages with greater benefits than traditional options. For example, many people enjoy the benefits of kombucha in pre-made teas and sports drinks. What other advantages can you include to add value to your products?

  • Isotonics, salts, and minerals to promote hydration.
  • Probiotics and digestive system-regulating bacteria.
  • Various combinations of fruits and vegetables to add an extra boost of vitamins.
  • Herbs and spices that bring an exotic touch to your drinks.

Paying Attention to Packaging

Consumers are increasingly conscious of how products are made. Therefore, it's essential to not only care for the content of your juices but also their packaging. Here are some options you can consider that align with market trends:

  • 100% recycled PET packaging to contribute to environmental conservation.
  • Tetra Pak cartons, which support the preservation of the natural properties of juices.
  • Aesthetic and reusable glass or steel bottles. Additionally, these types of bottles prevent juice contact with microplastics.

Juicing is trending in countries like the United States and Canada. In conclusion, capitalize on this trend and consider the recommendations to create enticing, refreshing, and balanced beverages.




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