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The seven countries that make the best beer in the world

If we take a look at the world of craft beer, we'll see countries with great beer traditions and, therefore, are high consumers of this refreshing alcoholic beverage.


This country is the one that produces the most in the world, producing approximately 1500 types of beer. They are so world-famous that their beer culture was included in the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

This is because they have been producing beer for centuries. And since they are geographically located in the center of Europe; They have had migrations from other countries bringing with them their beer traditions. That is why today they have such a great mix and variety.


The United Kingdom has been one of the main producers since the 18th century. And this tradition has taken them to the rest of their colonies like India.

One of the characteristics that these beers have is their high hop content; used in order to preserve the beer for its distant transportation. An example of this is India Pale Ales (IPA). They also export stout or robust beers to Ireland.

Its main beers are Kernel, Wild Card, FivePoints, Fuller’s, and ShepherdNeame.

United States of America

Nowadays, other countries such as the USA have resumed the IPA procedure and generate their own American style. But they are already licensed in other countries, including the UK. The French, Belgians, Dutch, and other countries generate their own IPAs.

The United States revitalized craft beer production. They started with the Sierra Nevada Brewery in the 80s of the last century. Their IPA-type beers have a slightly fruity flavor due to the weather. Another curious fact is that the hops come from the states of Oregon and Washington.

They also produce Belgian-like beers, which are kambic-type bitters; but its fermentation is carried out in the wild, using diastase from the atmosphere.

The 5 best varieties of beer to consume in the US are Sierra Nevada, Anchor, Lagunitas, Sam Adams, and Goose Island.


The Germans are also high producers and have a long tradition in the confection of this drink. Even they have a law to carry out the purity of the beer, and this law is 500 years old, which ensures its high quality, protect the environment, and stopping the accumulation of debris. Prohibit the use of flavors such as rye, herbs, condiments, coffee, and fruits.

Australia and New Zealand

New countries such as Australia and New Zealand are entering the world of craft beer production. Getting a high reputation with lager or blonde beers, and they already have a position in the European market.

In these two countries, we have these 5 favorites: MaltShovel, Feral, Bootleg, Epic, and Tuatara.


China is a country to consider in short term; it produces its own hops. They are generating IPA, and due to the amount of population they have, they can become one of the largest consumers and exporters of beer.

  • May 18, 2021
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