From our fruit purees, the beer becomes a world of options.

The next two words that are located in the title will change the perception you have about what it is to be a homebrewer.



We cannot say with certainty what are you thinking right now, but we can suggest that you are related to any of the following statements

From Mango Blonde and Funkwerks Guava Provincial to Bell’s Blackberry Stout and New Glarus Blackberry Tart, there are some nicely balanced, well-respected fruit beers out there, not to mention the many excellent krieks and framboise of Belgium.

Or just I hate fruit beer.

If you simply think that you hate fruit beer we cannot blame you because achieving a balance between fruit and beer is something that many homebrewers have taken the time and few effective results, so sometimes we seem to drink juice with some beer or beer with a stroke of fruit.

What makes for a good fruit beer? Here are three completely subjective things that we believe can help you.


  1. Match the fruit to the style.

Preferably of trying one combination after another and expecting a miracle to find the perfect fruit beer, we can think before the characteristics of the flavor you want to get, for something the great classics never fail, such as Blackberries and black beer or Passion Fruit and the wheat.


  1. Tone down the sweetness.

We know that many people love sweets and would like to apply this to their beer, but as Homebrewers, we not only create beers for our consumption, but for friends or that small local business that we always dream of. So to prevent our beer from becoming a sweet bomb, let's lean on something more acidic, the krieks and balckberries work well, partly because the acid in the beer binds with the acid in the fruit. That is why our council is instead of fighting against the natural flavor of the fruit you can join and follow the same line of flavor.


  1. Strategically add the fruit at the right time.

To achieve that balance that we mentioned at the beginning, a key point in the preparation of your beer is to add the fruit at the right time. The tender primary fermentation to eliminate the delicate aromas of fruit with the carbon dioxide that bubbles violently out of the airlock while adding fruit to the secondary one presents some challenges related to sanitation, but retains more fruit character, further to achieve a balanced and enjoyable fruit beer is more effort than just choosing up a handful of fruits and throwing them. Thus clearly have the result you want to achieve, you should design well and see the consequences of this will get closer to what you want to feel happening down your throat.

If you already love fruit beers in Bierfrucht we would love to be part of that process and we love to see what you have achieved with our products. If you are not a lover of fruit beers or even hesitate to try, we hope that these steps would be helpful for you to change your mind and Become part of the Bierfrucht homebrewers family.



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