Although we have to take into account the taste, the goal of the creator of the beer or homebrewer, we must always consider the perfect balance between the bitter, sweet, light taste of the beer with that of the fruit that we are going to choose to make it.

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We have always heard those traditional brewers continually make fun of fruit beers, so much that there are miles of jokes about it, as the best way to drink a fruit beer is to throw it through the toilet. But in our opinion we believe that they simply miss it, besides that we actually have the technology that provides us with a good quality fruit beer, it is not for nothing that large industrial beer companies take out their fruit editions for the summer or the whole year, demonstrating that there is more public for these products and that the options of enjoying a good beer have grown. Don't be afraid to experience things with fruits and beers.


Being a specialty or an alternative option to traditional beer, fruit beers have a really broad concept, which is defined by who drinks it. However, it is necessary to have a clear point, the balance, is very important and that depends on the beer does not lose its character as beer, but at the same time, it has an obvious fruit character.

If you make a Pineapple American Pale Ale, then you can say it. But if you prepare a pale yellow beer with an ABV of six percent, but with a limited presence of hops, simply call it "pale pineapple beer" (and consider pointing to limited hops in your description for customers, just to indicate of getting the message). The base style must be remarkable/precise in all evaluation elements (appearance, mouthfeel, etc.), and the flavor and aroma of the fruit can vary from subtle to strong, it should be honest with the customer. The guidelines also indicate that, in general terms, your fruit of choice should not add sweetness to the beer, added sugars should be fermented.


We can’t get into too specific a recipe here, because they’re obviously going to vary, but I can definitely provide some good general tips.

Nobody says that you have to get all the notes of flavors of the fruit you chose, if it is a strong flavor (raspberry, passion fruit) think about giving more prominence to the other elements of beers (exchange in Munich for Pale 2-row, for example) to ensure we don't create a beer that looks like fruit juice.

Let's always keep in mind the characteristics that the fruit adds to your beer, many fruits can add a bittersweet, acidic, sweet taste, change the color or texture and many more. You have to be precise and appropriate and consider all these characteristics in advance so as not to take surprises at the end, and if you see any that you don't want, try to change it before finishing the process.

Finally, fruit beers are not a cheap copy of a good beer or a lighter edition of it, with all due respect to those who like to see the pulp of the fruit stuck from the glass only just juice mixed with beer directly. Fruit beers are not something that sells well but the perfect process is applied, if you are Homebrewer we recommend you try and try different batches to find a balance between alcohol and fruit.





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