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Pot Still and Craft Brewery: The Unfailing Duo

The world of artisanal brewing is as diverse as it is fascinating. Every detail counts, and each step is decisive in creating a beer that is exceptional. Within this world, the pot still is an essential element to achieve this purpose.

Below, we tell you what this tool is, how it works and why it is essential in the artisanal distillation process.

What is a Pot Still?

When entering the world of artisanal brewing, the distillation process is an art. It is thanks to the pot still that the magic happens. This element is responsible for taking a beverage from point A to point B. Whether with fruit alcoholic drinks spirits or distilled spirits, you cannot miss it.

But what is it? It is a boiler, a metal tank with a spherical or cylindrical shape. In addition, it has a neck, which resembles a swan's neck. The distilled substance comes out of there (Blanco, 2021). Other parts that compose it are the dome, a coil, a condenser, and a receiver.

Many years ago, it used to be made of copper. Now, it can be made of various metals or stainless steel.

How does it work?

The operation is simple and producers have maintained it over time. To do it, first, you must introduce water and the product to be distilled into the boiler. Once you secure the dome well, the alcohol evaporation process begins. These two elements then travel to another vessel.

The next step is the arrival at the coil, a much narrower spiral-shaped duct. This is located in a condenser with cold water. There is where the water vapor and alcohol condense (Blanco, 2021).

Finally, you must pour them into the final vessel or receiver. Each of these processes has specific temperatures. Therefore, there is a higher concentration of flavors and aromas, as well as a unique treatment of the congeners.

The Pot Still in Artisanal Beers

Unlike standard drinks, artisanal beers have a very special process. Through the pot still it is possible to experiment with different ingredients and techniques. This freedom in creativity generates unique beverages of excellent quality.

For example, thanks to this, it is possible to enjoy a beer flight that generates a great sensory experience. This is partly because pot stills tend to create darker liquids with intense aromas, and partly because they produce spirits with a lot of flavors (Ettiger, 2023).

Likewise, distillers carefully control the distillation process using these elements. As a result, they can create distinctive characteristics for each beverage. This is why they produce artisanal beers locally and in small quantities (Shamirian, 2023). Whether fruity or stronger flavors, this element takes beers to another level.

In conclusion, if you want to achieve artisanal excellence and stand out for creating drinks that conquer palates, make the pot still your best ally, welcome it and make everyone say “wow”!



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